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If, in spite of the precautions you take in order to protect your corporal integrity, you get hurt due to the wrongdoing of a person or company, you must receive a rightful compensation for the prejudice you suffered. Sometimes, the negligent party is not so willing to admit the responsibility for causing the incident, so the matter must be settled in court.

Due to the complexity of the legal procedures, you need the assistance of someone who is specialized in this field, who can present the circumstances of your case in court, so that the verdict can be in your favor. This person is called a personal injury attorney – Miami being the place where many such specialists work.

Requirements in Order to Become a Personal Injury Lawyer

All the aspirants to this profession must have a college degree, obtained after minimum four years of study, and they must also possess a degree in law, obtained after following the courses of an accredited law school. This rule applies in all states, except for California, where the law degree can also be obtained after studying at a law school that does not have all the accreditations.

The candidates must then pass several written and oral examinations that are expressly stipulated by the laws of the state in which they intend to activate. The Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE), the Multistate Essay Examination and the Multistate Bar Examination are the three mandatory exams that must be passed by the candidates in order to be admitted for the final step, the state bar examination.

Once he or she becomes a member of the Florida state bar, a Miami personal injury attorney has the obligation to be always up to date with the most recent changes in the legislation. For this, he or she must also follow the Continuing Legal Education courses that are periodically organized by the American Bar Association (ABA).

All these courses and exams are necessary for the lawyers specialized in personal injury to be able to always provide the best services to the people who need them. As a client, you must show no hesitation in asking the attorney that you intend to hire for more details about his or her specialization and experience in the field, about the percentage of cases with a favorable verdict and any other questions that you consider relevant in order to make the best choice.

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The Obligations of a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

The duties of an attorney who specializes in Florida personal injury law are of ethical and professional nature. The ethic code of lawyers applies in all states, as it is stipulated in the US Constitution. According to it, a personal injury lawyer owes loyalty to all his or her clients, working exclusively in their benefit.

These legal counselors must also offer confidentiality, the information provided by the people who need their services being used exclusively in the benefit of the case. The state bar association and the national professional organizations have the right to take disciplinary sanctions against those who do not comply with the principle of confidentiality.

As a professional, a personal injury attorney from Miami or anywhere else in the country has the obligation to analyze completely each aspect of the case, identifying the sources of potential problems. The solutions to these problems must be based entirely on the legal stipulations in the field and on what the existing pieces of evidence suggest.

As a client, you also have the obligation to help the legal counselor as much as you can. For instance, if you need a Miami car accident lawyer, you must tell him or her the whole truth about the circumstances of the incident, even if some of them are not in your favor. Also, you must keep all the bills from the hospital and the car repair, so that the attorney can use them in negotiating the settlement with the negligent party.

Independent Attorney or Law Firm?

This is a great dilemma for almost all people who need professional legal assistance. At first sight, hiring a lawyer who works solo presents more advantages, because he or she may accept almost any case, regardless of the amount you ask as compensation. Besides, you have more freedom in negotiating the payment, most of the legal counselors who work individually agreeing to be paid from the amount you receive as compensation.

A particularity of this profession consists in the fact that an attorney who works in the personal injury law field chooses to become specialized in only one of the numerous sub-branches of this domain. From this point of view, when you search for an accident lawyer, Miami law companies can offer you several options, without you spending too much time in the process. Most of them are also on the Internet, so you can find out the details you are interested in from the comfort of your home, with just a few clicks.

The main disadvantage associated with hiring a personal injury lawyer who works for a reputed law firm is of financial nature. The costs are higher than the fee charged by an independent attorney, and a part of the amount must be asked in advance. However, by using the services provided by a law office, your case is solved more efficiently, because the institution can afford to pay more experts and collaborators compared to the attorney who works solo.

Other Considerations

The aggressiveness in protecting the interests of their clients and the hastiness in bringing the case in front of the court, even if the negligent part manifests a disposition to solve the differences by signing an agreement outside it, are the main criticisms brought to the representatives of this profession.

From this point of view, you must appreciate a lawyer who chooses a more “peaceful” approach of the case, negotiating an advantageous out-of-the-court agreement. After all, your main purpose is to obtain a rightful financial compensation for the prejudice you suffered, and not to waste your time in court trials. The faster this matter is solved, the easier it is for you to leave everything behind and to turn to your old lifestyle.